Cobra iHelicopter обзор вертолета для ipad iphone.flv

Cobra iHelicopter обзор вертолета для ipad iphone.

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Квадролёт Alien Jump Jet the coolest new aircraft

Alien Jump Jet the coolest new aircraft

Rotor Concept HPQ1 - Wildlife

simulated application for wildlife photography

3-axis Control in Space with Propellers

by Gary Gress. Of course propellers produce these dynamic moments too, in addition to - and faster than - conventional thrust chan...

Model Plane crash, high speed impact - large fire with lipo explosion - READ DESCRIPTION

READ MORE Hey Guys, Well today was my last ever flight with the skywalker. I am blaming it on the spektrum gear, however my fpv equipment is ok which is real

KK Multicopter Custom Quadcopter Build

custom build of my KK Multicopter rc heli quad - motors

LoWii Moment или восемь1/2$ банок

Небольшая зарисовка с полетушек в Тушино! Полетали, позажигали повеселились на вертолетах, три- квадро-гексокоптерах Прислал: Еремьянов

Quadrocopter PROP ACCIDENT! X3D-BL X-BL Silverlit quad helicopter

Ok its not really an accident but rather a demo of how harmless the original silverlit props on the x3d-bl quad helicopter when idling can be. No children

Conrads Quadrocopter: Modellflug-Plattfom mit Luft-Kamera | CHIP Online (

Der Quadrocopter von Conrad Elektronic bietet derzeit einen spannenden und preisgunstigen Einstieg in den anspruchsvollen Modellflug.

Nano quadcopter wii

Les premiers vrais tests du nano quad Ulix, un plaisir a voir et a piloter ! Bravo Ulix

Flying Toys Silverlit R/C X-UFO Subtitled

Winner of the Technology Category of Toy Innovations 2005 at the Nurnberg Fair, Silverlit's unique radio controlled X-UFO flying saucer is probably the most ...

Basic Quadcopter Tutorial - Chapter 1

Learn how to build a quadcopter multi rotor aerial vehicle.

Как сделать квадрокоптер - пошаговая инструкция...

Multicopter shop look: Detailed, step by step guide how to solder own multicontroler. Based on Kapitein Kuk design.

Самодельный квадрокоптер

Motors: 12v Dc Brushless 1000Kv, 20Amp ESC Mystery 30A Blue series Prop.9x4.5 Batt: 3 cell 2300mAh Li-Fe A123 Systems. Home Made Contoller Board Atmega48

KK Controller Board Starting Tips

Features: - Latest KKmulticopter controller V5.5 Board,V2.0 program. - Used for all class of QuadFlyers/ Ycopters such as Ycopter 700-S, GAUI 330X, xAircraft...

Learn How To Fly RC Helicopter (FIRST HOVER)

In this video you get to finally HOVER your RC helicopter. The basics of hovering flight are explained and then demonstrated for you. The NEXT video will be ...

Micro HK Quad in the House

10 gram motors on an 8-inch frame equals... FUN!

HK QuadCopter Miki

Una vez sustituidos los variadores parece que el problema ha sido solucionado.

Полет на квадрике на закрытии сезона

FPV, квадрокоптер, закрытие сезона 2011, скорость

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КвадрокоптерыТипа просто мой полет, зацените как могу!

Обзор ESKY F150X


Обзор и полеты на радиоуправляемом вертолете ESKY F150X.
Отличный вертолет для тренировок дома или подарок ребенку.

RC Helicopters Beginners Guide Part I

Here is the first video (Introductions) to this long series of A beginners guide to RC Helicopters. I thought it is a good idea that I share all my experience...